Your summer wardrobe will be finished with bandanas

Your summer wardrobe will be finished with bandanas

One of the most adaptable items for embellishing your appearance is the bandana. In addition to being a classic piece of apparel, it may bring attractiveness to any straightforward outfit.

Wearing them on our heads is trendy this season, whether we’re channeling our inner pirate or Jackie and Brigitte Kennedy from the 1960s.

Finding a long scarf, folding it into a triangle, and tying the two ends at the nape of your neck with the tip of your head facing your nape are easy ways to style them. If you want your hair completely covered, you can also tie it up in the front.

Select simple or ornate prints, then pair them with whatever. You won’t be overlooked if you decide to dress up your looks even further with a large pair of sunglasses.

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