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  • Paige Timmons
    "From the start, I felt comfortable at the studio. Everyone was professional, did a wonderful job and gave me exactly what I was looking for. After awhile, I lost confidence in myself when I left the session. I didn't have anyone to believe in me or support me in going towards building a future for my children and I."
    Paige Timmons
  • Jordan Abecasis
    ”I cannot express how much I loved Melissa doing my photos for me. Not only did she make me feel more comfortable/ confident in front of the camera, but we had a great time. The appointment was on short notice and she found a spot for me right away. The pictures came out absolutely incredible, everything I could’ve asked for and more. I HIGHLY recommend this studio!!“
    Jordan Abecasis
  • Karen Samu
    ”If you really want to start a career in modeling, this is the best place to begin. I tried doing things on my own and got no responses. I finally found West38 and I made the investment to get professional images. Totally worth it and the professionalism and advice, life changing. I was doing everything wrong. I had a lot of support before, during and especially after. Thank you to the whole team. I have experience now and I'm getting paid work as well!“
    Karen Samu
  • Laura Jones
    West 38 brings out the best in people for their photo shoots. The makeup people are top notch. The staff was super welcoming. The photographer brought me in the zone and I was done before i knew it. It was so much fun. The photos came out as if I went to a high priced photographer in NY or Paris. The bookings started slow and now they are slowly building.
    Laura Jones



West38 uses only published creative professionals who have many years’ experience, from working with models at top agencies to those just starting out on their chosen path, we are able to adapt to all of our client’s specific and individual needs



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