Success Stories

Pedro M

Good Morning! I hope your morning is going swell! My parents and I saw the portfolio pictures this week and were honestly just in love with […]

Athena Nembhard

Salt agency

Jessica P

Future Faces Miami 3 Year Exclusive Contract


Had an amazing time at the studio. Rach worked hard in theater class. She is doing great. Grandmother takes her all over the place for castings. […]

Jorge Blanco

Amazon Prime Original Series named: LoyalT

Vaniah Donatien

Signed Non Ex with Slate Models and is doing a fashion show.

Enya Guo

BTWN 1 Year Exclusive Agency

Isabella Karaskova

Signed to Future Faces Miami

Derrick V

I had a great experience for the modeling experience. Everyone was nice, super friendly and I was taken aback at how the change of clothes and […]

Brian A

Signed to Excell Models

Kristina G

Would Like to start off by saying these are a trustworthy and professional company that not only provide a fun experience on the day of shooting […]


Signed with MMG Modeling

Lillian H

3 Year Exclusive Contract with Future Faces of Miami

Michael Johnson

MMA Fighter Self promotional Model

Michael and John Squitieri

Both brothers are signed to Posche models Miami


Signed to MMG Models

Nene G

I had a great photoshoot with the studio! The staff are amazing. I have been working with Westfields and other companies. The studio has really helped […]

Katherin M

Signed with MMG Modeling

Daniel P

What a great day at the studio. I felt comfortable and relaxed. I never had my hair done before AMAZING!!! I changed so fast like a […]

Katie M

Signed with MMG Modeling

Kaden S

Signed to Wilhelmina Models in New York

Louisa D

Signed to Salt Agency

Sam D

Signed to Manhattan Models

Thalia Cherisme

Signed to Deco Models, great job Thalia!

Jessica M

Signed to New Faces Miami!

Mehak B

The staff is incredibly polite, you will notice it from the moment you call their office. I had pre photoshoot consultation with Laura and got clear […]

Irving S

I would recommend Studio one to anyone looking to get into modeling safely and professionally. My Son has always wanted to pursue modeling and we found […]

Mike C

Everything about my experience was wonderful. From start to finish I felt welcomed and made comfortable, as I was a bit nervous coming into this. Lena […]

Jo G

Had the most amazing time at Studio 1, everyone was very welcoming and made me feel at ease. The makeup by Rev was stunning and made […]

Stuart M

The Pandemic has really put a strain on the industry as / am sure you are well aware of. I signed with Posche Models International in […]

Reaj R

This was definitely more than just a studio!! Their make up artists are phenomenal and the atmosphere was great! They took so much time and effort […]

Brian A

This was definitely more than just a studio!! Their make up artists are phenomenal and the atmosphere was great! They took so much time and effort […]

Alyssa H

I’m still at the beginning - 6 months in - but the success that I can relate to you so far is that I have landed […]

Blake S

Since coming to the studio, I’ve been working successfully as an independent model. I’ve had the opportunity to model for clothing and swimwear brands, be in […]

Morgan Thompson

Hi! This is Morgan Thompson. I spoke with Mel earlier today to ask questions and review and we spoke about my most recent work since doing […]

Eugenia S

I am so happy to say that every part of my experience has been wonderful, from beginning to end. I received a call and email from […]

Nelson N

Came here a couple of years ago to get my portfolio redone. The staff were great to work with, used those pictures to create my own […]

Grace F

With the studio, team, and services they made my dream of becoming a model possible. All of my beautiful photos helped me get a modeling contract […]

Dawson Scharf

I got signed to Future Faces of Miami a 3 year exclusive contract!!

Kandace Silver

The Best experience!!! I am so glad I went. The second I walked in the door I was greeted with kindness, professionalism, and great energy.My make […]

Tatiana F

Yeah!! I'm signed to Lil Anglez Nation I just got a lip gloss for kids campaign!