Wear your cargo pants in style

Wear your cargo pants in style

Cargo pants, whether in traditional colors like beige or olive, or in more modern liver tones, are becoming increasingly popular on the streets and on the runways.

This military-inspired item is an excellent alternative to denim and complements any urban style.

Originally, cargo pants were composed of tough textiles like gabardine or canvas. They are slender and have pockets on the sides of the legs. Choose a model made of a light fabric, such as linen or silk, if you don’t want these pockets to add volume.

How do you put them together? Please let us assist you:

  • With a neutral tank top and a design shirt
  • A shirt that is cropped
  • A jacket
  • An all-leather coat

Combine these patterns and textures to create a stunning ensemble! Don’t forget to round off your ensemble with accessories.

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