These are 7 ways to tell if a garment is well-made.

These are 7 ways to tell if a garment is well-made.

When building a staple wardrobe with versatile pieces, it’s important to select high-quality pieces that will hold up to repeated wear and washing.

However, how can you pick them out? Just what criteria can be used to evaluate the value of a product? Think about these easy tips:

To inspect the clothing, simply hold it up to the light. Low-quality fabrics tend to be those with a higher degree of transparency.

A wrinkled examination. Pull the fabric tightly until it stretches, then release it. Unless it’s linen, if the garment remains wrinkled, it’s better not getting it.

Keep an eye on the zippers. A hidden, well-finished, and fabric-matching zipper is a sign of a high-quality clothing.

Look closely at the stitching. Examine the tailoring, specifically the collars, cuffs, and hems. The seam should be as tight as possible.

Be sure to read the label. See if you can find out what the fabric is made of. Cotton, wool, and silk are examples of natural fibers that should outnumber synthetic ones.

Verify the buttonholes and buttons. They should fit snugly and the seams should be tidy.

Keep your guard up if the cost seems unusually low. A well-made clothing will typically cost extra due to the higher cost of the materials used in its manufacture.

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