Avoid These White-Shirt Fashion Blunders!

Avoid These White-Shirt Fashion Blunders!

The white shirt is an indispensable closet staple. Whether paired with a pair of jeans, a suit, or a satin skirt, it is always a wonderful choice.

It requires careful handling on the part of the user. The following are common pitfalls to avoid.

– Disregard the neck. Always maintain a smooth, wrinkle-free, and symmetrical neck.-

– Not very high quality. Purchasing an item of clothing that is both well manufactured and of a high-quality genre is crucial.

– Maintain consistency in your design. Stop wearing plain shirts and start wearing ones with interesting design features.

– Put on colorful underwear. Wear white or nude items, unless you want to draw attention to your underwear (like a lace bra, for instance).

– Forget to iron it. Nothing destroys an outfit faster than wearing white, which shows every imperfection and wrinkle.

How many of these blunders can you identify in your own life?

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